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I’m still in the midst of my intense bake-a-thon, and more tired than I’ve ever been in my life-er, at least since my last crazy bake-a-thon.

However, I wanted to remind all of you to pick up a copy of this week’s Ami Magazine for two awesome recipes.

Cappuccino Cookie Cups

Don’t let their adorable cupcake like looks fool you. These are delicious coffee flavored cookies, topped with whipped cream. Think of it as your favorite drink at starbucks…in cookie form! (Because everything is better in cookie form!)

I also made some delicious Crackle Top Lemon Tarts, so make sure to check out this week’s Ami for the recipes! (If Ami isn’t available in print where you live, check out their E-Magazine here.)

Make sure to check out the guest posts from my friend Rachel here, and my friend Tova here.

See you next week with some recipes and possibly a recap of my baking shenanigans!



  1. […] Cappuccino Cookie Cups – I made them exactly like the recipe, but I wanted to tell you a funny story. These were in the magazine the week of the party, ( I had actually made the cookies in advance and put them in the freezer, then stuck the cream on the day of the event.) Someone told me that she also saw them in the magazine and was thinking to try them. I was like “yeah, I wrote that.” I am a showoff at times, I guess I can’t help it. […]

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