Purple and Silver Themed Party {Purim 2013}

Firstly, my apologies for my week long absence. Apparently staying up till 3 am too many nights in a row can cause a person to reach a level of exhaustion that I was previously unaware existed. I slept off my lack-of-sleep hangover, and now I’m back with a recap. Next up: recipes!

Believe it or not, I forgot to bring my camera with me to my sister’s for her Purim Seuda (party), but I got lots of question about the pictures I posted on Instagram, twitter and Facebook, so I decided to share my iPhone pictures of the party in case any of you want some tips and/or inspiration for future parties!

First off, just across from the door, when people walked in, there was the dessert table:


There are a ton of desserts around on Purim, so I didn’t want to make too many. On the cake stand are mini blueberry cream tarts. They’re actually the same as my strawberry chocolate cream cups, only piped into a premade tart shell instead of a cup. I used blueberries instead of strawberries simply for the color.
The cookies in the back should look pretty familiar, as I posted those recently. As I mentioned on that post, I liked how you could make these any color just by changing the food coloring (because the flavor is vanilla).
In the front are cake pops, which obviously need no introduction or explanation. Next to that are the cupcakes. For those, I baked my standard chocolate cupcake recipe I’m mini muffin pans. Next I dipped the cupcakes in a simple white glaze, and then into purple sugar or silver sprinkles.
That’s pretty much it. I picked up the flowers at Christmas Tree Shoppe, and although you can barely see them on the picture, that’s also where I found some twigs that were painted silver (look closely at the vase on the right) .

Next, here’s the whole table:


My sister found the paper goods at a party supply store in her area. You can’t really tell from the picture, but those plates are a beautiful silver hard plastic place, which really made it look gorgeous. I found those runners at Christmas Tree Shoppe too. (Yeah. I might be a little obsessed!)
Again, the color doesn’t show through so much in the pictures, but there was a bunch of silver on there, along with the purple.

Now, here’s the individual place setting:


The drink is a blueberry smoothie (think strawberry smoothies turned purple!). I coated the rim of the cup with silver sugar, but somehow that didn’t make it into the picture.
On the appetizer plate is a layer of purple cabbage (my sister’s brilliant idea) topped with a Hamantashen meat Pie and a small bowl of onion sauce (my father’s specialty. Maybe I’ll convince him to share his recipe some day.)

Here’s a view of the salads table, halfway through being set up.


I am just realizing that I’ve never shared the salad recipe I made for the party. Gotta fix that!

And here’s the buffet. We may have made too much food:


You might recognize my pretzel crusted chicken fingers. What I didn’t tell you on that post is that I made a trio of chicken fingers and dips, but didn’t get to photograph and post all of them. I’ll have to get to that though- they were amazing! (And totally kid friendly!).

I’d say we had fun.


Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon for some more delicious recipes! -Miriam


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