Passover Recipes!

I know I keep promising you folks some new Passover recipes. I totally didn’t forget about that. In all honesty, I am having a bit of a hard time making passover food now. Partly because it’s a couple of weeks to Passover and I want to eat every last bite of pasta possible. And partly because I spent weeks living and breathing passover food. A while ago. When everyone else was thinking about starting to plan for purim.

It’s the life of a magazine writer. Usually it’s fun, but passover recipes are a humongous challenge. I am proud to say I came up with a nice variety of passover recipes for my magazine column. Here’s a preview:


I made candy…

almond butter cups 2


They look like peanut butter cups, but in honor of passover they are actually almond butter cups! 

And of course, I included cookies:

carrot cookies 1

Carrot Walnut Cloud Cookies. Yep, awesomeness in a cookie. And Kosher for Passover.

And I made real food! First a fun potato side dish:

potato salad 2

Roasted Vegetable Potato Salad. Sounds simple but last year it stole the show. 

And lastly, I made ribs. One of the hardest things I ever had to photograph, but oh my did they taste amazing!

ribs 1

Fall of the bone, melt in your mouth, buttery smooth…all with a fabulous secret ingredient homemade sauce!

And just for fun (and because I have to stay up anyway until my cake comes out of the oven) I figured  I would share some behind the scenes shots:

almond butter

The wonders of modern technology allow me to snap an iphone picture of my camera screen and text it to my editors for opinions mid-shoot. Luckily they keep the same insane hours as I do. Possibly because they were writing a cookbook in their spare time.

carrot cookies

Here’s me debating the initial set up of my cookies. This is pretty similar to the way the shot actually ended up, you may notice.

Wonder how you get from this to the picture above?

potato salad

Well, choosing the right props is essential; on the spot opinions are lifesavers:


Does another bowl in the picture look familiar? 

And my ribs, in the kitchen, waiting to be photographed. Not pictured, me, panicking at the thought of trying to make them look as good as they taste:


Looks better with the sauce on the side, no?

Intrigued? You should be! Now go pick up a copy of Ami Magazine, or buy the e-version to get my amazing recipes!

Thanks for stopping by! New recipes on the blog next week, plus some exciting giveaways! Come back soon! -Miriam


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    Looks good! I don’t have room for another magazine in my life :( Anyway, I was just popping in to suggest that maybe some garnish would have helped the ribs pop? But they look fine anyhow.

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