Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing

Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing on OvertimeCook

When it comes to eating food repetitively, I think there are two types of people. Those who are totally fine with it, and those who can’t face the same food too often.

My parents fall into the first category. They both have a habit of finding a food, cuisine, style of cooking, spice, or some other food they enjoy. Then they cook it. And cook it. And cook it again. And so many more times that people like me want to scream at the sight of the repetition.

Personally, I need to vary my food. (I can’t imagine you’re shocked right now.) And while I definitely have old standby foods that I’ll fall back on, I’ll almost never eat the same food day after day after day. And when I do, you know that food is something special.

Which brings us straight to this delicious salad dressing. Special is definitely one of the words I’d use to describe it. Delicious is another. Simple and easy is another. Fresh, bright and healthy are also adjectives that will describe this beautifully.

I made this delicious salad dressing one Sunday, and I had it for lunch every day that week. And then, when I ran out, I made some more. It really is that good.

Make it. You’ll see. Just make sure you have enough, you’ll want to keep eating it.

Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing 2

Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing

By Miriam Pascal, OvertimeCook.Com


juice of 2 lemons

juice of 2 oranges

1/3 cup olive oil

3 Tablespoons mustard

1-2 Tablespoons agave syrup or honey (depending on how sweet you like it)

2 shallots, finely minced

salt and pepper, to taste


Whisk together the lemon juice, orange juice, oil, mustard and agave syrup in a bowl. Whisk until combined and slightly thickened.

Add the shallots and stir to combine. Salt and pepper to your taste.


Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing 3

Thanks for stopping by friends! Stay healthy! -Miriam (By the way – I have been sharing some funny pictures on my Facebook page recently. Join me there for some laughs?)


  1. Susan says

    About how many ounces is the juice of two oranges? Lemons? Thanks! This sound delicious; thanks for posting it!

  2. EW says

    about how many tbsp of lemon juice and oj for the lemon and orange? also what salad would u recommend this dressing for?

  3. says

    Yum! I’m always looking for new ways to spice up salads (as yes, I’m in the ‘new foods required continuously’ category!!) and this dressing sounds divine. I can even imagine it drizzled over chicken or a tuna salad. Actually, everything! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Ayala says

    Can I substitute onions or garlic (or a combination of onions and garlic) for the shallots? I don’t typically have shallots on hand.

  5. says

    I was a the bank when I saw this recipe. Kroger was right next door and I had to get olive oil and oranges. The rest I adapted with ingredients I had. Instead of lemons I had likes and I was out of honey, but I had some watermelon syrup I rendered a few weeks ago. I doubled the oil and it is a real treat!

    Sorry I have a tough time following recipes, but your recipe instantly spurred some delicious ideas. Thank you! (And yes, I honestly have issues following recipes:))

  6. Devorah says

    Hi is it possible to use lemon juice and oj instead of the fruits? And if so, measurements? I don’t have a juicer, thanks!


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