My Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh: Week 2

I’m a week into my Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh and I feel great about myself. It’s a more structured diet than I am used to, so that was hard, but it totally worth it because…

I lost three pounds!

-love all,trust a few,do wrong to none.- (1)

So let’s start with the hard parts. Like I said, the diet is more restrictive than I am used to. That’s a good thing, really, considering my current line of work. But at times I felt so desperate for a little bit of carbs, or just another apple… But I persevered, and now I feel so good! The no carb thing is only for the first week – to detox – and now I get to add starch back in slowly.

The good news is that every time I was considering cheating I thought to myself “but what would all my readers think?” or “but how embarassing will it be if I don’t lose any weight?” So thank you all for your support and encouragement, and being my motivation for my weight loss journey!

One of the cool things about the Start Fresh plan is that most vegetables are unlimited. So basically, I’ve been eating a lot of veggies this week! I made a big pot of Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup and had a bowl before supper every night. It’s so comforting and filling – the perfect start to a meal! Another staple of my diet last week was my roasted squash recipe. I’ve changed it from the original by leaving out the yellow squash and adding diced mushrooms. It’s amazing how I never get bored of that!

I also ate a lot of salads (shocking, right?). I cubed some grilled chicken for my protein to make it a meal. Aside from lettuce salad, I greatly enjoyed this marinated pepper salad – I just cut down the oil to a teaspoon. I also enjoyed roasted broccoli and healthy meatballs. One other thing I found myself eating a couple of times was “breakfast for dinner” aka an omelet loaded with lots of veggies. So filling and really delicious! My favorite way to enjoy my fruit this week (other than a juicy grapefruit!) was to make a strawberry slushie – but I used a higher proportion of ice cubes to kind of “extend” my fruit allowance!

This week I get to add healthy starches to my menu, so I am thinking of these sweet potatoes, maybe this rice salad and probably some thick and hearty soup with beans in it. I’m also thinking of some yummy cooked fruit recipes – healthy of course – so stay tuned!

Lastly, I wanted to clarify how Start Fresh works, because I got a lot of questions about this. You may see Start Fresh prepared foods in stores and assume that Start Fresh is all about a list of prepared foods that you eat. But that’s not true at all!

Start Fresh is basically a diet program that allows certain amounts of each category food (proteins, fruits, etc) every day. You divide it up amongst your meals and snacks on your own, so you have flexibility there. On their website, you have a diet diary where you record your weight, your mood, notes about the day, and most importantly, your food. It has drop down menus where you can select your foods from a list (you can also choose the quantity. For example, I was having 1 1/2 servings of chicken for supper one night, so you can adjust that). It’s great to go back and look at previous day’s menus and keep a record of my food. Best of all, Start Fresh provides one-on-one support, as well as bi-weekly teleconferences to help and guide you towards your goal!

For more diet tips and healthy recipes, you can follow the Start Fresh Facebook Page or email them directly with any questions.

Hope to be back here next week with a report as good as this one! Thanks for following and listening! -Miriam

Disclosure: I am being compensated by StartFresh as their “Diet ambassador” for my time and efforts. All opinions are and will always be completely mine, and completely honest!


  1. Brandy says

    Thanks for ure great blog, im really excited about this diet addition, is yellow squash a no-no? Does it have more starch?

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing this series! How much time do you spend preparing the food for this diet? With all those cut veggies, I’d imagine it’s somewhat time-consuming.

  3. says

    Way to be accountable and an inspiration. I am happy to introduce you to other all-natural products for looking and feeling great if you’re ever interested as a supplement to your journey.

  4. says

    I went uber-veggie a while back, and it absolutely rocks. I get full so quickly! Plus, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the anti-cancer stuff in there also burns fat. Totally a win-win.

    Keeping lunches large and suppers small also work really well for me.

    Into the breach we go!

  5. RE says

    Marcia, words ring in my head. Dont let frustration, fatigue, loneliness, anxiety etc make u happy. It wont!
    shard, liked and comment

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