My Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh: Week 6

My first week of my Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh – phase 2 – is over. And the result is…

weight loss journey with Start Fresh

Yep, I lost another 2 pounds! I am through the moon with excitement over that. I am down a total of 13 pounds since starting, my clothes are getting too big on me, and I feel GREAT!

The second phase of Start Fresh is called Start Fresh Program for Life. It’s meant to be a diet program you can follow in the long run…and I totally see it working for me. The program allows for some more choices than it did in the previous weeks, bread, pasta, all in limited amounts. It also gives you daily “StarSaver” points – which you can use to have small amounts of treats, or save up and have one big treat in the week. I love this, because it allows you to live your life without feeling deprived, but it also gives you a framework to indulge within, so you don’t get thrown off track from a bite of a cookie (like I would in the past.)

The Star Saver points were so helpful to me this week – I was testing an insanely amazing new recipe, and had a bit. Just 2 bites. Enough to know how good the recipe was, enough to feel like I had a treat, but that’s it. It was a great accomplishment to me!

I had a really busy week, without too much food variety. I know, I keep hoping for more exciting foods…it will come! But this week I was super into grilled chicken wraps (here’s a great grilled chicken recipe) with lots of veggies and a low fat dressing. Really filling, super easy, and so good. Wraps are great because you get the bread feel without having much bread – go for a whole wheat one!

I’ve been enjoying soups too, especially with the cold weather we’ve been having. I have an impressive selection of soup recipes on the blog, so make sure to check them out!

One of the great things about dieting is that success breeds success. As I lose weight, get compliments, find my clothes too big, etc, I just want to keep at it, work harder, lose more weight…it’s such a good feeling! And best of all, I have the structure and framework of Start Fresh to help keep me on track – especially through the tough moments and busy days.

The giveaway winners for a month of Start Fresh are: 

Online program: Naomi, who’s diet advice was: “I think everything in moderation is ok bc depriving yourself too much backfires. (At least for me)” (Naomi, this is exactly the philosophy of Start Fresh, so you will love the program!)

Teleconference Program: SB, who’s diet advice was: “When the 4:00pm munchies come around… have a cup of sugar free hot chocolate. The hot drink makes you feel full (unless you dont mind having coffee so late in the day) but hot chocolate is a special diet treat that i usually dont indulge in on a regular basis…” (Yum! I am craving hot chocolate now!)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading, and supporting me in my journey! Can’t wait to be back next week with more exciting weight loss news! -Miriam

Disclosure: I am being compensated by StartFresh as their “Diet ambassador” for my time and efforts. All opinions are and will always be completely mine, and completely honest!


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