My Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh: Week 7

Another week of my Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh and the results are in…

weight loss journey with Start Fresh

That’s right! I lost another 2 pounds! I’m down a total of 15 pounds, and, as you can imagine, I am thrilled!

But really, I am much more thrilled to have lost two pounds this week than I normally would be. Y’see, I was off from work on a mini vacation this past week. And anyone who’s ever struggled with weight loss knows that a break in routine can be tough on a diet. Even worse, vacations are notorious diet killers. Eating in restaurants really isn’t ideal for diets. But the framework of Start Fresh helped me maintain my weight loss and come out at the other end of my vacation feeling like a million dollars!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how the start fresh plan works, so I figured I would explain here – and you will better understand how Start Fresh makes vacations work, how it is a plan I can see myself following for the long haul.

The big key in Start Fresh is portion control and moderation. Every day on Start Fresh, you get allotments for each food category – so you get a number of proteins, starches, fats, fruits, etc, and you choose how to use them every day. So on vacation, when I knew I would be going out to a restaurant for supper, I saved up extra starches, and proteins, and extra fats for the day, so I could indulge a little more in the restaurant. The other amazing thing about Start Fresh – and the reason it’s so liveable – is the Star Savers. Those are extra “points” that you get – a certain amount per day – or you can save them up for one big treat in the week. These points can be used for small treats like an extra fruit, or saved up for a yummy restaurant meal!

I’ve been really into Start Fresh for the last few weeks, as you’ve read, but this week made me realize just how much I can stick to this as a plan for life. Going on vacation, for me, has always been a time to gain a couple of pounds. I didn’t feel deprived on my vacation, but I was able to lose weight and enjoy myself at the same time.

When I wasn’t eating out, I tremendously enjoyed my roasted vegetable chickpea salad, my roasted carrot and ginger soup (gotta love soups from the freezer!), and my grilled zucchini recipe. Oh, and of course I am still obsessed with my Spicy Carrot Chips. (Try them and you’ll understand.)

Anyway, if you’re frustrated with diets that make you feel deprived, or diets that you can’t stick to, try Start Fresh and you’ll see just why I am so happy on it. (Also, I’ve got 15 pounds of weight loss to show for myself!)

Go to KosherDietPlans.Com to sign up for the online plan, or call them at 877-437-3059 to find out more about their teleconference plan, where members get access to twice weekly teleconferences with Marcia Bodenstein, diet coach and mentor, for unbelievable support and advice to keep you going on your plan!

Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting me in my journey! I’m so excited with the results of this week’s weight loss, and hope to be back next week with equally good results! -Miriam

Disclosure: I am being compensated by StartFresh as their “Diet ambassador” for my time and efforts. All opinions are and will always be completely mine, and completely honest!


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    You should be so proud of yourself for doing so well on this diet to date and especially for maintaining it while on vacation! Bravo for you :)

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