Candy Studded Chocolate Cookie Bars


Candy Studded Chocolate Cookie Bars are an easy, delicious and fun treat that will bring out the kid in all of us! Y'know how they say that "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional"? Well I'm a firm believer in that saying. Kids are awesome. Adults? We want a new car and a 20% raise and we still won't be as happy as a child with a colorful lollypop the size of their face. And a kid can occupy themselves with a cardboard box longer than we can keep busy with an iPad. Well good news folks. You can feel like a kid again if you make these Candy Studded Chocolate Cookie Bars. They're simply adorable, and oh-so-fun. But here's the thing. They taste great. Like, great enough for … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Caramel Truffles

truffles on overtimecook

Peanut Butter Caramel Truffles are a little taste of heaven! Every now and then, I make something that's so delightful, words fail to describe it. These truffles are a perfect example. I originally made these truffles for a Tzedaka (charity) party. I probably dreamed up this crazy combination at the height of a chocolate craving, but whatever made me do it, they were a smashing success. Just as the party was starting, before much food was even touched, these truffles were gone. That's right, completely gone. All the poor souls who hadn't gotten there fast enough to try one were pretty sad. Needless to day, I needed to share this recipe with you folks. They're a little time consuming … [Read more...]

Homemade Button Candy and a Review and Giveaway of Kids Cooking Made Easy

Homemade Button Candy on OvertimeCook

If you enjoyed the first two cookbooks in the Made Easy cookbook series, Passover Made Easy and Starters and Sides Made Easy, you're in for a real treat today because I am reviewing the latest book in the series: Kids Cooking Made Easy! Kids have been increasingly taking over the kitchen in recent years, and with amazing success (as evidenced by the wild success of MasterChef Junior). And now the hottest series in Kosher cooking has a brand new book geared at the younger set - just in time for Chanukah gifts for the wannabe young chef in your life! Want to win a copy? Scroll past the recipe for a giveaway! At a first glance:  As with the previous books in the series, authors Leah … [Read more...]

S’mores Truffles

smore's truffles on overtimecook

So tonight's post was going to be onion rings. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I was seriously craving them this afternoon. Admittedly, I frequently crave onion rings. French fries are good, but onion rings? Totally blissful. But then I made a very mature decision. Instead of making onion rings, I went to the gym. I know, I know, I hardly recognize myself. Exercise over onion rings. I feel so virtuous about this I practically desserve ice cream. Moving along though. Obviously I don't have onion rings to share with you tonight. Don't worry, I didn't give up on them. I will be making onion rings eventually. But for now, I decided to share a fabulous little treat I cooked up … [Read more...]

Passover Recipes!

almond butter cups 2

I know I keep promising you folks some new Passover recipes. I totally didn't forget about that. In all honesty, I am having a bit of a hard time making passover food now. Partly because it's a couple of weeks to Passover and I want to eat every last bite of pasta possible. And partly because I spent weeks living and breathing passover food. A while ago. When everyone else was thinking about starting to plan for purim. It's the life of a magazine writer. Usually it's fun, but passover recipes are a humongous challenge. I am proud to say I came up with a nice variety of passover recipes for my magazine column. Here's a preview:   I made candy...   They look like peanut butter … [Read more...]

Rice Krispy Treat Bark

rice kriispy treat bark on overtimecook

Today's post is really good timing. And no, I don't mean that this is a fabulous last minute Purim treat if you're still stuck on what to make for your Mishloach Manot (purim basket). Although it totally is a fabulous purim treat...etc. The reason this post is very timely is that there was in an interesting discussion on Facebook recently regarding recipe sources and credits and things. And the question came up if there's a possibility of complete coincidences in recipes. The answer? Yes. How do I know? Because of this recipe. Before I explain, let me say that recipe attribution is a very important issue, and one I feel very passionate about. But sometimes, two people might just have … [Read more...]

Chewy Mocha M&M Cookies

mocha cookies 2

These cookies were totally born out of necessity, which pretty much makes them amazing. Ok, I think I need to explain myself a bit here, right? See, here's what happened. It started with an awesome dessert that I made for my column in Ami Magazine. The dessert actually has nothing to do with mocha, but I needed something pretty to anchor the treat in the bowl. I headed to the local candy store, and looked around till I came up with these mocha flavored chocolate lentils. The color matched perfectly to the style I was going for. I loaded up a big bag full of these candies and headed to the checkout. On a related note, I sometimes wonder if the checkout people in the various stores I … [Read more...]

Homemade Free-Form Lollipops and a review of Sprinkle Bakes

homemade lollipops 3

I can't tell you how excited I am to have been given the opportunity to review the Sprinkle Bakes cookbook, by Heather Baird. I'll admit right of the bat that I'm a tad biased. Not because of the review copy I was sent, but because I am a huge fan of Heather's blog. The first recipe I ever saw of here's was this Flaming Strawberry Cupcake. I was so taken aback by it's beauty and drama, that I was rendered speechless for a couple of minutes! I've been a fan of the blog since, and am thrilled to own the cookbook. At First Glance: The book starts with the simple and moves on to the more elaborate. Before it starts with the recipes, there is an explanation of various tools and techniques … [Read more...]

Homemade Milk Chocolate Fudge

homemade fudge-1

My fudge story starts about two summers ago, when my mother took me and my siblings to Hershey Park. At some point, we went into one of the (seemingly millions of) little shops that line the entire park, begging the tourists, or perhaps quietly enticing them to spend more money they have on pretty much every conceivable gimmick with some animated-looking Hershey's candy splashed all over it. Don't get me wrong. I love souvenirs, so I'm not complaining. I willingly pranced into every store I could. Who needs roller coasters when you have mini slinkies decorated with happy looking chocolate bars? But I digress. At some point we walked into a little shop, and by the smell of things, it was … [Read more...]