Grilled Corn and Pastrami Salad

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Grilled Corn and Pastrami Salad has an amazing smoky flavor, bringing together all of the best things about summer food! I'm feeling deja vu here. I know, this recipe is brand new, but I really dreamed it up a while ago. In fact, this salad was the original inspiration for this grilled chicken and corn salad. The recipes both started to run together in my head, what with the whole grilled corn (yum!) thing going on, and it's kinda confusing. Especially because my head is pretty confusing as it is, with multiple cookie recipes being formulated at any given point too. But despite the similarities between the recipes, I decided to just go for it and share this one. Mostly, … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken and Corn Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

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Grilled Chicken and Corn Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing is the healthy and delicious way to enjoy summer grilling and fresh produce! I've been planning this salad for over a year now. I know. It sounds crazy. Who spends a year planning a salad? Granted, I did do one or two other things during that year, but I kept thinking about this salad and planning it until it was making me very hungry all the time. (Fine. I'll admit that there may have been other things making me hungry, but still.) I guess I was waiting for a good time to make it - a special occasion worthy of trying out a salad this amazing. The chance presented itself when my sister invited me to her house for the … [Read more...]

Black Bean, Corn and Mango Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad 2

Have you ever known that you had to do something, but you kept putting it off because you assumed it would be unpleasant? Then you finally bite the bullet and the task you were dreading turns out to be no big deal at all, or even, at best, a positive experience? For example, last week at work, a purchase order landed on my desk. I was super busy at the time. I glanced at it briefly and recognized it as coming from a rather problematic account of mine. I decided to get other stuff done meanwhile, and deal with the problem order when I had a few minutes. It sat on my desk over the weekend, and finally I got to it. I completed the order and sent a confirmation of it to my contact there, Ryan. … [Read more...]

Spiced Corn Fritters

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I know it's just the beginning of February, but one can hardly blame me for making summer food. Last week, I went out for my daily lunch-break walk (hey, it's better than nothing!) with no coat. In February. In New York City. It was surreal, but absolutely amazing. And now, I can't get this out of my head. It's practically spring, which means it's basically summer. Which means it's time for frozen concoctions, grilled recipes, and corn. So what if I am totally jumping the gun here? These fritters are made with a bag of frozen corn. (Shh. Don't tell anyone.) And they're super easy to make. Forget our friend the groundhog and his little prediction of doom. And don't worry about summer being … [Read more...]

Barbecue Flavored Roasted Corn Kernels: a Healthy Snack


I've been real quiet lately, I know. But I have a good excuse. No, a great excuse. Lets start with the month of Jewish Holidays, in which I cooked and fed a monstrous amount of food. No time for pictures, no time for writing up posts. No time to breath, really. All the while, I thought to myself "well, as soon as the holidays are over (they are now) I will be cooking up a storm, photographing everything I make...after all, I will have so much time." I must have forgotten ab0ut *work* when I formulated those thoughts. My company closed for the entire week of Succos, which is very nice on Succos. Then we all came back, and the reality hits. It's not like one person going on vacation, when … [Read more...]