15 Desserts to Make Ahead and Freeze for Rosh Hashanah

15 Make Ahead and Freeze Rosh Hashanah Desserts

Plan ahead with these freezer-friendly Rosh Hashanah recipes! Don't kill me folks! I know lost of you are still in summer mode. So. Am. I. In fact, I've got a seriously summery recipe in a day or two. But so many of you have been asking me about Rosh Hashanah menus (clearly you're much more on top of things than I am!), and obviously anything you cook or bake now will need to be frozen. So I've compiled a list of 15 recipes from my blog that would be an excellent addition to your Holiday menu - all of which freeze well! I included the links below, along with any instructions you need for freezing it. For more ideas, make sure to follow my Rosh Hashanah Pinterest board. Streusel … [Read more...]

Coffee Cake Cream Cheese Cookies

coffee cake cream cheese cookies on OvertimeCook

You might have noticed, if you're a steady reader, that I kinda like to use cream cheese in my recipes. Whether it's a great new cheesecake recipe, this delicious bundt cake,  these brown butter cookies, or perhaps my ever popular Cappuccino cookies, or even one of these delicious frostings, cream cheese just makes yummy things even yummier. Oh, wait. I almost forgot that one of my most popular recipes ever has cream cheese in it! Well. I guess I kind of can't help myself. I just keep putting cream cheese into more of my baked goods. In my defense, they keep coming out so freaking delicious. Can you really blame me? Take these cookies for example. They have the flavor and crumbs of a … [Read more...]

Rice Krispy Treat Bark

rice kriispy treat bark on overtimecook

Today's post is really good timing. And no, I don't mean that this is a fabulous last minute Purim treat if you're still stuck on what to make for your Mishloach Manot (purim basket). Although it totally is a fabulous purim treat...etc. The reason this post is very timely is that there was in an interesting discussion on Facebook recently regarding recipe sources and credits and things. And the question came up if there's a possibility of complete coincidences in recipes. The answer? Yes. How do I know? Because of this recipe. Before I explain, let me say that recipe attribution is a very important issue, and one I feel very passionate about. But sometimes, two people might just have … [Read more...]

Confetti Cookies

Confetti Cookies on Overtime Cook

Why am I always writing blog posts at 2:30 in the morning? Oh, right. It's because I'm always cooking until about then. Anywho. Let's talk Yankees. I know, there was a political debate of sorts last night (tonight? This gets so confusing.) but I wasn't paying much attention because hello! The Yankees won the eastern division! Finally, right? Who's ready for post season baseball? I know I am. Wait. I think I meant to discuss cookies. Must be the hour, I guess. Well, let's get to it. This post is in honor of my friend from work, R. She loved these cookies the first time I brought them to work, and has been talking about them ever since. I hadn't written the recipe down at that point, so I … [Read more...]

Mini Apple and Honey Tarts and a Rosh Hashanah Blog Party

Mini Apple and Honey Tarts on Overtime Cook

Giveaway Closed! It's hard to believe that this entire party was conceptualized and came to this point in such a short time! About a week and a half ago, on Twitter, my friend Jessie (who happens to be one of my food photography heroes!) and I were talking about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah, and how we should do something fun to celebrate the occasion on our blogs. I don't think at that point that we imagined that it would be this big or popular, but here's the scoop: What: A Rosh Hashanah Blog Party When: Right now! Where: here, and a whole bunch of awesome blogs. Scroll down past the recipe for the list! What else: Lots! Firstly, the event is hosted by myself and Jessie … [Read more...]

Homemade Iced Mochaccino

iced mochaccino 1 words

Coffee is a very serious and important part of my life. Let me explain. I like to say I am not a caffeine addict. And honestly, I believe that I am not. Sure, I have three cups of coffee every weekday morning, and I am grumpy like you-don't-want-to-see if I don't get my coffee. (And unproductive, but my manager reads this blog on occasion, so we aren't going to talk about that at all.) Suffice it to say, I start my day off with coffee. Piping hot in the winter, and even the fall (I'll have to remember to post that when (if?) the weather gets cold again. When the weather gets hot, and scalding hot drinks aren't quite as desirable, I bring a huge cup of ice into work with me, and make my … [Read more...]

Engagement Cookies {How-To}

engagement cookies trees-

Thank you to all the awesome people who have commented, emailed, tweeted and otherwise complimented me on the treats I made for my sister's engagement party. I put so many countless hours of work, about 20 pounds of flour, bags and bags of sugar of all varieties, and finally pulled it all off. I just showed you folks the various goodies I made for the party, but I saved the best for the last. The center of the middle table had these: From a glance, they might simply look like wooden branches in really cool vases. But look close and you can see there are delicious little flowers sprouting from the branches. You know how they saw money doesn't grow on trees? Well here's something super … [Read more...]

World’s Best Blueberry Crumb Muffins


Last summer I took my two nieces (then 2 and 4) blueberry picking. They had an amazing time, and amazingly learned to tell the difference between a blueberry that was ripe and one that wasn't. One problem: they enjoyed themselves so much that I didn't have the heart to stop them once we had we had enough berries. So they kept picking until we finally drove off with about two thousand pounds of fresh blueberries. (Slight exaggeration. Slight.) We got home and I came up with a great way to use up some of the surplus: "Who wants to bake blueberry muffins?" And so we did. And even the blueberry-muffin-haters among us loved them. I made a triple recipe, thinking I'd freeze a bunch. That wasn't … [Read more...]

Chewy Molasses Ginger Cookies


Just after I finished making a big batch of this dough, my heart sank. My family won't like cookies with ginger and ohmygosh cloves.  But the dough was ready, and I wasn't going to throw it out. So I sat and shaped the cookies, all the while thinking about how nobody would eat them. It's a good thing I'm not a betting sort of woman, because I'd have lost big time. My little brother (notoriously unadventurous in the palate department) took one look at the cookies and said "Oh, yay! Snickerdoodles." His mistake is understandable. They look a bit like snickerdoodles, with the crackly top and the sugar topping. But my tasters bit into the cookies, and far from the looks of horror I had … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Truffle Stuffed Oreos


These started out as truffles, and evolved into one of the most delicious, easiest desserts in the planet. The truffle filling is a classic combination of two flavors any sane individual adores: chocolate and peanut butter. Stuff that decadent mixture in between two Oreos, roll it in some sprinkles, and voila! No bake, super easy and totally gorgeous. The sprinkles are great too. I made them for a party to celebrate the birth of my new niece, hence the pink you see in the picture. You can do blue for a boy, colorful for a child's party, or any other color/shape sprinkles that match your theme and or color scheme. If you don't have a particular color that works, use plain white- it fits … [Read more...]