Quick and Easy Fried Rice

quick and easy fried rice

Quick and Easy Fried Rice is a yummy side dish that takes just minutes to make!   Excuse me for a minute while I go all nostalgic on you here, but I grew up with this dish, so it's really exciting to share Daddy's Quick and Easy Fried Rice and Eggs with you all. My father made it all the time when I was growing up - and it's no wonder! If you have leftover rice (or you can make extra rice when making some for a different dish) you can transform it into a yummy side dish.  My father used to do it as a real spur-of-the-moment thing. "Oh look - leftover rice from supper? Let's make lunch for tomorrow!" With just a few minutes of prep and simple ingredients, this is bound to become your … [Read more...]

Award Winning Turkey Veggie Meatloaf

Turkey Veggie Meatloaf on OvertimeCook

Turkey Veggie Meatloaf is a quick and easy, kid friendly supper that will sneak those veggies into your menu in the most delicious way! Remember the big Hanukkah recipe contest I hosted with CookKosher? Well. I know that I should have posted the winner a while ago, but life got overwhelmingly hectic, and lots of other things got in the way. But today is finally reveal day! The contest asked you to post your best recipe to CookKosher.Com's ever-growing database of kosher recipes, submitted by home cooks just like you. There are two winners of this contest. One will have their recipe featured in an upcoming cookbook as part of the "Made Easy" cookbook series, and the other winner … [Read more...]

Sweet and Spicy Maple Roasted Pecans

sweet and spicy maple roasted pecans on OvertimeCook.jpg

These Sweet and Spicy Maple Roasted Pecans have just the right blend of flavors to keep you coming back for more! Can we talk about addictive foods? Some foods, like chocolate, are always high up there on my "I need that" list. Ice cream is on that list too. Cookies also. But when you think of foods that make it really hard for you to stop after one or two, what do you think of? Many of us think of chips. Potato chips, corn chips...mmm. Definitely don't like to stop after just one of those! But for me, the most addictive - and I mean don't-stop-till-they-are-gone addictive food is nuts. And more specifically, pecans. And even more specifically, these sweet and spicy maple roasted … [Read more...]

Apple and Cabbage Rice

Apple and Cabbage Rice 2

Can we talk about how apples are starting to show up in grocery stores again? I don't think anyone here is more excited about it than I am. I know I have mentioned this before, but I really love apples. I've got some sweet apple recipes on this blog, but did you know apples make a fabulous savory ingredient too? This rice is totally going to prove that. It's my new favorite. Speaking of favorite recipes, this one is totally easy. And simple. It's perfect for Rosh Hashanah next week, or really for any time you want a great side dish. Who's up for a great serving suggestion? This rice would be perfect stuffed into (and under) a whole chicken and roasted. Or just served alongside some chicken. … [Read more...]

Pastrami Stuffed Chicken (Capons)

Pastrami Stuffed Chicken 1

Every now and then, one of my recipes puts me in a weird position. A while ago, I made a delicious meat dish. I carefully measured the ingredients so I could post it here, and then, before I posted it, I thought of googling the cut of meat I was using. The cut was, as called in kosher butcher shops, minute steak. Kosher cooks will be very familiar with this type of steak. However, according to google (and I assume most of my non-kosher readers), minute steak is a thin cut of steak that can be grilled in a minute or less. It's a logical term, I must admit, but the minute steak I know usually involves about 200 minutes of cooking at a low temperature. Needless to say, I didn't post the recipe. … [Read more...]

Lemon Glazed Honey Cookies

Lemon Glazed Honey Cookies on Overtime Cook

I just realized how brief my posts have been lately. I mean, I've tried really hard to post recipes, but I've been posting just a line or two about said recipes, and somewhere in the delusion section of my brain, I've convinced myself that I've got this huge and adoring fan base that likes to read my rambling thoughts and random useless observations. Yeah. So I feel like I've disappointed my fans. And by fans I obviously mean my mother and the other lady who sits in her office who like to stalk my foodgawker profile. Ahem. So I've disappointed you (and now we've established who "you" is) with my lack of writing. So I'm gonna write now. Partly because I'm on the train and reception is bad, … [Read more...]

Mini Apple and Honey Tarts and a Rosh Hashanah Blog Party

Mini Apple and Honey Tarts on Overtime Cook

Giveaway Closed! It's hard to believe that this entire party was conceptualized and came to this point in such a short time! About a week and a half ago, on Twitter, my friend Jessie (who happens to be one of my food photography heroes!) and I were talking about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah, and how we should do something fun to celebrate the occasion on our blogs. I don't think at that point that we imagined that it would be this big or popular, but here's the scoop: What: A Rosh Hashanah Blog Party When: Right now! Where: here, and a whole bunch of awesome blogs. Scroll down past the recipe for the list! What else: Lots! Firstly, the event is hosted by myself and Jessie … [Read more...]

Barbecue Flavored Roasted Corn Kernels: a Healthy Snack


I've been real quiet lately, I know. But I have a good excuse. No, a great excuse. Lets start with the month of Jewish Holidays, in which I cooked and fed a monstrous amount of food. No time for pictures, no time for writing up posts. No time to breath, really. All the while, I thought to myself "well, as soon as the holidays are over (they are now) I will be cooking up a storm, photographing everything I make...after all, I will have so much time." I must have forgotten ab0ut *work* when I formulated those thoughts. My company closed for the entire week of Succos, which is very nice on Succos. Then we all came back, and the reality hits. It's not like one person going on vacation, when … [Read more...]

Puff Pastry Apple Pie Cups with Crumb Topping


Lets try a little pop quiz, shall we? 1) Are you one of those people who is terrified of making real old fashioned pie crust? 2) Do you simply not have time to make a pie crust, roll it out, and prepare a proper pie? 3) Do you have an over-abundance of delicious fresh apples this fall, and need a great way to use some? 4) Do you enjoy simple, easy and seasonal desserts? If you answered yes to one of more of the above questions, you will love this recipe. It's as simple as buying some puff pastry, peeling and dicing some apples, and making a simple crumb topping. Really, it's that simple. Besides, who doesn't love single serve desserts? Puff Pastry Apple Pie Cups with Crumb … [Read more...]