Savory Meat Pie Hamantaschen

savory meat pie hamantaschen on overtimecook

It's 1:30 am and I am sitting at my computer thinking about hamantashen. But it isn't my fault, really. Blame it on... Oh forget it. It's totally my fault. I can't help myself. Not only do I imagine myself to have hoards of anxious fans waiting for my brilliant purim ideas yeah right but I also need to impress people at my own purim seudah (feast/party). It's hard, let me tell you. No matter how much pressure you might feel at parties, think about what it's like when you are a food writer. Exactly. Well I kinda wish I could invite each and every one of you to my purim party, because I am serving these meat pie hamantaschen as the appetizer and they are seriously delicious. But sadly I … [Read more...]

Traditional Hamantashen


With Purim coming up, Jewish cooks from all over are scrambling to be creative in their Purim treats. There have been numerous twists on Hamantashen posted on other blogs. I myself created two great twists on the traditional Hamantash for Ami Magazine, as well as adorable Hamantashen cake pops for Joy of Kosher. But...let's not completely forget the original! If you have always been one of those people who admire hamantashen, but can't get your homemade version to look right, you're in luck. The Humble Hamantashen Fairy (that would be me) is here to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to make your hamantashen look like they came from a bakery. Scroll down for the recipe, then … [Read more...]