Butternut Squash and Apple Latkes

Butternut Squash and Apple Latkes on OvertimeCook

I'm super stoked to tell you about these Butternut Squash Latkes, but first we need to discuss this ginormous announcement I've been waiting to make! Before we move onto the fun stuff: due to some techy stuff, there were some posts/emails you may have missed. Make sure to check out the two fabulous posts from earlier in this week: Over 50 Donuts and Fried Desserts Recipes - the perfect list of links for your Hanukkah menu planning. Fried Ice Cream - The most delicious thing I ever ate. And it's easier than you think! The perfect Chanukah treat. Now. Finally. If you've viewing this on the blog, you may have already noticed something different. If you're viewing this in the feed or … [Read more...]

Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream on OvertimeCook

The ultimate fried treat is the one that sounds almost too good to be true: fried ice cream! You know how I describe to you, about once or twice a week, in as much detail as I can, delicious foods that I made, that I think you should make too? Sometimes it's really easy, sometimes less so. But this is the first time that I am sitting at my computer typing, deleting and retyping, completely at a loss for words. I want to describe fried ice cream to you, but how should I describe the best thing I ever ate? Ok, let's take a step back. I love ice cream. In my mind, it is never too late, too cold, to early or too soon to eat ice cream. So creating a recipe that improves upon what is … [Read more...]

Over 50 Donuts and Fried Desserts for Hanukkah

over 50 donuts and fried desserts for hanukkah on OvertimeCook

If you're in the midst of planning a Chanukkah bash, or simply looking for an exciting new dessert to serve this Hanukkah, you're gonna love what I have for you today! I have a roundup of over 50 different doughnut ideas (baked and fried!) plus a bunch of other delicious looking fried treats! Click through the links below to find the recipes. I've got it all sorted by type. Fried Donuts: Easy Homemade Yeast Donuts on OvertimeCook Double Lemon Glazed Donuts by Chocolate Moosey 5 Minute Donuts by CookKosher Strawberry Donut Holes by Lemons for Lulu Spudnuts (Potato Donuts) by Buns in my Oven Apple Cider Donuts by Cook Like a Champion  Boston Cream Donuts by Shugary … [Read more...]

Baked Mini Cookies and Cream Donuts

baked cookies and cream donuts on OvertimeCook

I have to admit, my feelings about baked donuts used to be very mixed. If you look doughnut up in the dictionary (and I sure did) you'll see that the definition reads: dough·nut noun -(ˌ)nət : a piece of sweet fried dough that is often shaped like a ring Notice the part where it says...fried? And notice how it totally doesn't say "baked"? Yeah, me too. And being a bit of a stickler for things like this, I really didn't like the idea of calling a baked dessert a donut. Or a doughnut. Then I went and did something that irreversibly changed my feelings about this issue. I created these donuts. They may be baked, but they're awesome on a whole new level. A level that kind of … [Read more...]

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Hanukkah Gelt Cookies

chanuka gelt cookies on OvertimeCook - these melt in your mouth!

How is it that Chanukah is almost here already. Didn't we just cook up a storm for Rosh Hashanah? Well like it or not, Hanukkah is right around the corner. Luckily, I've got a bunch of new and totally delicious recipes up my sleeve to share with you! I'm going to start off with this fabulous cookie recipe. The inspiration for this idea came from these cookies, which were (and continue to be) a total success. They're delicious and easy and totally scream "chanukah!" So I decided to come up with this new version. I made a melt-in-your-mouth cookie dough - with cream cheese in it, of course. And then I press a hanukkah coin right into the middle of it. How adorable is that? Get on these … [Read more...]

Exciting Announcement: Hanukkah Recipe Contest!

recipe contest

Hey friends! If you follow my page on facebook, you know that something exciting is in the works here at Overtime Cook. Well it's finally reveal time!   I've partnered up with CookKosher.Com, and the talented folks behind it - Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek - to host and judge the biggest kosher online recipe contest ever. I'm so excited about it - let me tell you how it works. Firstly, about Cook Kosher. It's a fabulous recipe sharing website, where home cooks like yourself can upload your favorite recipes, search for other's recipes, and rate/review the recipes you've tried. There's a wealth of kosher food on the site, and it's a fabulous resource for anyone who loves to share … [Read more...]

Purple Potato Latkes

Purple Potato Latkes 3

Tonight was the fifth night of chanukah. Which means that if you are partying hard in true hanukkah fashion, you have had a lot of latkes by now. Are you bored of the typical? I am. I know that the world is full of people making latkes with all kinds of interesting vegetables, spices and sauces. But I decided to go a different direction, because I care more than I should about aesthetics. Which is how this idea was born. Let's make a pretty latke, I thought to myself. So I bought some purple potatoes. I posted a picture on instagram of my latkes frying, and they were totally beautiful: You can't see it clearly, but the purple potatoes and flecks of green courtesy of the scallions really … [Read more...]

Shortcut Cannoli with Chocolate Mousse Filling and a Hanukkah Blog Party!

cannoli with chocolate mousse filling on Overtime Cook

Giveaway Closed! Remember how I co-hosted a Rosh Hashanah blog party a couple of months ago with my friend Jessie? Well today I bring you another fabulous holiday blog party. This one is co-hosted by the one and only me and my friend Leah from Cook Kosher. I present: A Hanukkah Blog Party! Scroll down past the party info for the most delicious dessert recipe you've ever tasted. No jokes. PS: in honor of Chanukah, I totally deep fried it! Let's get some details, shall we? Welcome to our first ever Hanukkah Blog Party, hosted by Leah of Cook Kosher and Miriam of Overtime Cook. It's traditional on Hanukkah to eat fried treats, most notably donuts and latkes, and we've got a fabulous array … [Read more...]

Baked Peanut Butter or Nutella Donuts

baked donuts

Remember how I recently discussed how hard I find the process of making decisions? Well tonight's post is basically a post script to that one, because if you thought deciding between pecan pie or brownies was hard, imagine trying to decide between chocolate glazed peanut butter donuts or glazed nutella (chocolate hazelnut) donuts! I know, it totally boggles the mind. Well I, for one, don't believe in making such difficult decisions. So I thought to myself...why choose? Yep, that's right. I made both peanut butter donuts and nutella donuts. Which means, if you think about it, that these donuts are super easy to make. Because I started making them late at night, and still had time and … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Donuts


I can't believe Chanuka is more than half over. Where did all those days go? And could you believe I haven't posted anything fried yet? Well, never fear, I have a delicious donut recipe to share with you. Isn't there always time for one more batch of donuts? Here's the thing about making donuts: people seem to think they are ultra complicated, something to attempt only in your most ambitious moments. But I am here to tell you that donuts are totally easy- or at least they should be. I'm usually the queen of making things from scratch, so I had to seriously resist the temptation to make my own caramel sauce for these, but let me introduce you to my awesomely fun donut topping method. I've … [Read more...]