Italian Grilled Zucchini

Italian Grilled Zucchini on Overtime Cook

Discover the most flavorful way to grill your zucchini this summer. Read on! I know. I know. Grilled zucchini. Yawn. Next. Right? Well that's what I thought. I never saw myself as the type of blogger who would post a recipe as simple as grilled zucchini. But that changed one day when I was at the takeout counter of my local grocery store buying supper. (Yes, "even" I buy supper sometimes. What did you think?!) I was looking for a vegetable to choose, and my eyes stopped at the grilled zucchini. It looked fine. Good even. I was about to order it, but then I stopped and realized that I just couldn't bring myself to pay someone else to grill my zucchini. Plus, mine is just so good. And I … [Read more...]

Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes

herb roasted sweet potatoes on overtime cook

If there was ever a time that I was going to post an almost non existent recipe, it's today. I finally wrapped up the first of two Purim features I'm doing for my magazine job, and I'm as closed to burnt out as it gets. It's pretty weird, because the recipes I'm featuring are some of the most creative I've ever done. And then the packaging ideas are another important aspect of the article, and they kinda have to be really creative too. Couple that with doing photo shoots for all of them and basically my creativity (and energy!) tanks are on empty. I'm exhausted. I want to sleep for a week. But no, I've got my second Purim feature due soon (luckily I've got 1 out of those 3 done and … [Read more...]

Two Colored Squash with Shallots and Herbs


So it turns out this Overtime Cook idea is harder than it sounds. Does it sound hard? It's harder. I get home at about 7:30 pm on a good night. By the time I cook and eat supper and start my baking, it's late. I finish at a ridiculous hour, then try to photograph my food, clean up, shower and get a few minutes of sleep before I wake up at 6:30 the next morning for another round of this. Whew. Just typing my schedule is getting me tired. Time for another super easy recipe, don't you think? Let's talk squash. Zucchini, to be precise. I'm pretty sure zucchini is my all time favorite vegetable. I love it's versatility; one vegetable can turn into a delicious side dish off the … [Read more...]