S’mores Surprise Cookies

s'mores cookies

Good news friends! Y'know how it's been wintery all spring? Don't get me wrong. I totally don't like to be too hot. But when I'm bundling up and wearing my coat in April...that kinda sucks. And since springtime rolled around, I've been waiting for some decent weather to come this lovely way. And finally it is! Today, I went out without a coat! And later in the week, there's a forecast for EIGHTY degrees here in NY! Exciting, huh? Well when I think of warmer weather, I think of summer. And when I think if summer, I think of s'mores. And because I absolutely love cookies, naturally I'm bound to make a cookie out of a s'more. And then of course, I love surprises (who doesn't?!) so I made … [Read more...]

Rice Krispy Treat Bark

rice kriispy treat bark on overtimecook

Today's post is really good timing. And no, I don't mean that this is a fabulous last minute Purim treat if you're still stuck on what to make for your Mishloach Manot (purim basket).¬†Although it totally is a fabulous purim treat...etc. The reason this post is very timely is that there was in an interesting discussion on Facebook recently regarding recipe sources and credits and things. And the question came up if there's a possibility of complete coincidences in recipes. The answer? Yes. How do I know? Because of this recipe. Before I explain, let me say that recipe attribution is a very important issue, and one I feel very passionate about. But sometimes, two people might just have … [Read more...]