You’re Invited To…A Something Sweet Launch Party!


It all started a few months ago, when I announced my cookbook. A couple of fans on facebook suggested, half jokingly, that I should have a launch party and offer samples of my recipes to all of my readers. At the time, I laughed it off as an impossibility. I can't possibly make samples for all of my readers! But then, I couldn't let go of the idea, and a top Kosher grocery store here in New York stepped in and offered to host the party, so here we are. It's not in my home, and I am not personally making every sample, but this is finally a way for me to meet all of my fans, give you all some treats, and demo a few of my favorite recipes for you! So... Don't know about Breadberry … [Read more...]

Purim Recipes and Ideas Roundup

One of the super fun things about being a blogger is reading your search engine traffic hits. Occasionally, however, it reminds me of things. And over the last week I have noticed an increase in traffic from people searching for purim overtimecook or purim 2013 or overtime cook hamantaschen, which serves as a good reminder that I need to start posting some purim recipes and ideas. You will see some fun ideas here over the next few weeks, but first, some ideas that have been featured on OvertimeCook in the past: First off, we have traditional hamantaschen, plus a guide I wrote on CookKosher on shaping beautiful hamantaschen (that stay closed!) Next, I made some delicious savory hamantaschen … [Read more...]

Primary Colored Dessert Table for Charity Event

dessert table rccs

On Saturday night, my amazing sister-in-law hosted a charity party for an amazing organization called Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, or RCCS. They are an incredible organization that provides an array of services for families in my community that are dealing with cancer, including financial support, emotional support, insurance subsidies and advocacy, tuition grants, and a lot more. For those who don't know, they are currently holding a huge fundraising Chinese Auction, with local showings hosted by women in the community. My sister-in-law is awesome that way, so she hosted a showing of the auction in her neighborhood. Naturally, I stepped in to bake. I figured I would show y'all what I made, … [Read more...]

Party Pictures

Green and White Dessert Table

I know what you've been thinking. "She keeps talking about her party, and promising to show us her pictures, but she doesn't follow through! Why, I bet she didn't even make a party! Yeah right. I flatter myself thinking anyone was desperately waiting for these pictures. And I almost didn't show them off because they are seriously awful pictures. Here's what happened. The day of the party was crazy rushed, and I didn't have a second to take a picture until the guests were already starting to arrive. My mother was completely mortified because I made her stand guard and make sure nobody took anything while I finished putting on my makeup and getting my camera ready. So as you can imagine, I … [Read more...]

Engagement Cookies {How-To}

engagement cookies trees-

Thank you to all the awesome people who have commented, emailed, tweeted and otherwise complimented me on the treats I made for my sister's engagement party. I put so many countless hours of work, about 20 pounds of flour, bags and bags of sugar of all varieties, and finally pulled it all off. I just showed you folks the various goodies I made for the party, but I saved the best for the last. The center of the middle table had these: From a glance, they might simply look like wooden branches in really cool vases. But look close and you can see there are delicious little flowers sprouting from the branches. You know how they saw money doesn't grow on trees? Well here's something super … [Read more...]