15 Desserts to Make Ahead and Freeze for Rosh Hashanah

15 Make Ahead and Freeze Rosh Hashanah Desserts

Plan ahead with these freezer-friendly Rosh Hashanah recipes! Don't kill me folks! I know lost of you are still in summer mode. So. Am. I. In fact, I've got a seriously summery recipe in a day or two. But so many of you have been asking me about Rosh Hashanah menus (clearly you're much more on top of things than I am!), and obviously anything you cook or bake now will need to be frozen. So I've compiled a list of 15 recipes from my blog that would be an excellent addition to your Holiday menu - all of which freeze well! I included the links below, along with any instructions you need for freezing it. For more ideas, make sure to follow my Rosh Hashanah Pinterest board. Streusel … [Read more...]

Apple and Cabbage Rice

Apple and Cabbage Rice 2

Can we talk about how apples are starting to show up in grocery stores again? I don't think anyone here is more excited about it than I am. I know I have mentioned this before, but I really love apples. I've got some sweet apple recipes on this blog, but did you know apples make a fabulous savory ingredient too? This rice is totally going to prove that. It's my new favorite. Speaking of favorite recipes, this one is totally easy. And simple. It's perfect for Rosh Hashanah next week, or really for any time you want a great side dish. Who's up for a great serving suggestion? This rice would be perfect stuffed into (and under) a whole chicken and roasted. Or just served alongside some chicken. … [Read more...]

Fill Your Freezer: 40 Freezer Friendly Starters, Soups and Sides

40 freezer friendly starters soups and sides on overtimecook

So, my Jewish readers who are feverishly starting to prepare definitely know why this is coming. For the rest of you, bear with me for a bit, but the Jewish high holidays are rapidly approaching, followed almost immediately by the Holiday of Sukkot. For Jewish housewives all over the world, that means a whole ton of cooking to be done. And for those who like to prepare ahead, the freezer becomes your best friend. (Of course, there are many times when pre-made meals in your freezer will make life easier, so keep this list handy all year round!) I personally love to have my food ready in advance, in the freezer. Most of the cakes and cookies on the blog freeze really well, but I figured I … [Read more...]

Baked Apple Pie Wontons with Caramel Dipping Sauce

Apple Pie Wontons on OvertimeCook

These apple pie wontons are crispy on the outside, but soft, hot and cinnamony on the inside. Best of all? They're baked, not fried! I know I've been a bit heavy on the desserts here lately. I have an excuse though. Not a good one, but an excuse nonetheless. I've been working really hard on my holiday desserts for my magazine column. Seriously, really hard. You'll start to see the results soon, but stay tuned, because there's a second feature of mine coming up after the first! Anyway, baking up a holiday storm for weeks on end doesn't leave all that much room for cooking. Hence, no real food recipes. I do have some new ones coming up soon though, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I … [Read more...]

Pomegranate and Apple Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Pomegranate and Apple Salad 2

    Giveaway Closed! A couple of weeks ago my friend Leah was super nice and stopped by my office with a salad she had picked up for me at a nearby restaurant . (Friends bring you ice cream. Real friends bring you salad. Everyone knows that.) The restaurant had called it a tropical salad. It has lettuce, apple and mango, and a delicious dressing. I immediately began thinking of how I would recreate it. Then the folks over at Pom Wonderful were kind enough to send me a couple of bottles of pomegranate juice, and I immediately knew I would be making the pomegranate version of this salad. Seriously, the pomegranate juice is kinda like magic when making a salad dressing. Now, some … [Read more...]

Lemon Glazed Honey Cookies

Lemon Glazed Honey Cookies on Overtime Cook

I just realized how brief my posts have been lately. I mean, I've tried really hard to post recipes, but I've been posting just a line or two about said recipes, and somewhere in the delusion section of my brain, I've convinced myself that I've got this huge and adoring fan base that likes to read my rambling thoughts and random useless observations. Yeah. So I feel like I've disappointed my fans. And by fans I obviously mean my mother and the other lady who sits in her office who like to stalk my foodgawker profile. Ahem. So I've disappointed you (and now we've established who "you" is) with my lack of writing. So I'm gonna write now. Partly because I'm on the train and reception is bad, … [Read more...]

Mini Apple and Honey Tarts and a Rosh Hashanah Blog Party

Mini Apple and Honey Tarts on Overtime Cook

Giveaway Closed! It's hard to believe that this entire party was conceptualized and came to this point in such a short time! About a week and a half ago, on Twitter, my friend Jessie (who happens to be one of my food photography heroes!) and I were talking about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah, and how we should do something fun to celebrate the occasion on our blogs. I don't think at that point that we imagined that it would be this big or popular, but here's the scoop: What: A Rosh Hashanah Blog Party When: Right now! Where: here, and a whole bunch of awesome blogs. Scroll down past the recipe for the list! What else: Lots! Firstly, the event is hosted by myself and Jessie … [Read more...]

Honey Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Honey Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I think this post was supposed to have an introduction about how Rosh Hashanah is coming, and how you might want to make these delicious cupcakes instead of the traditional honey cake. But I got home from work at 9 pm tonight, then spent the last couple of hours filling an order for cake pops. (Didn't know I sell stuff? Well I do. Email me.) It's after 1 am, and I shouldn't be posting anything. But I want to share this recipe with you folks so anyone planning their Rosh Hashanah desserts can include these gorgeous little treats in their menu. So excuse me if I am being brief. Oh, also, if you aren't Jewish, don't let that stop you from making these. Honey is a lovely flavor and should … [Read more...]

Sweet Lemon Lukshen (Noodle) Kugel


I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to describe a kugel to my non-Jewish readers. I know I am not the only one. I guess Kugel is one of those quintessential  Jewish foods that have slowly seeped into the non-Jewish culinary world, but not nearly enough. A kugel is generally a side dish of sorts. It can be sweet or savory, and served with almost any meal. In some observant Jewish houses, (such as mine!) it doesn't feel like Shabbos (Sabbath) without potato kugel (a casserole of sorts, featuring finely ground potatoes). In many cases, especially for a holiday like Rosh Hashanah, where the tradition is to eat sweet foods, a sweet kugel is a great accompaniment to a meal. For my Jewish … [Read more...]

(Not Your Bubby’s) Honey Cookies


Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) is coming, and it's traditional to have honey to symbolize our hopes for a sweet new year. In past years, I have made various honey cakes- for tradition's sake. The problem? My family isn't big on honey cake. So this year, I went a different route. Instead of the traditional heavy honey cake or cookies, I made a delicious and more modern style of honey cake. It's light and modern, yet still has that honey taste: i.e. it's the best of both worlds. I've been planning to make these cookies ever since I got this cookbook- almost a year ago. The dough is one of the most interesting I've ever worked with, so I have to admit I was skeptical from the moment I … [Read more...]