Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing

Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing on OvertimeCook

When it comes to eating food repetitively, I think there are two types of people. Those who are totally fine with it, and those who can't face the same food too often. My parents fall into the first category. They both have a habit of finding a food, cuisine, style of cooking, spice, or some other food they enjoy. Then they cook it. And cook it. And cook it again. And so many more times that people like me want to scream at the sight of the repetition. Personally, I need to vary my food. (I can't imagine you're shocked right now.) And while I definitely have old standby foods that I'll fall back on, I'll almost never eat the same food day after day after day. And when I do, you know that … [Read more...]

Sauteed Snow Peas and Mushrooms with Shallots and Red Wine

snow peas 1

Well hello there friends. It's been a while. I missed you all, and I missed my kitchen. But after weeks of cooking non-stop for passover, I could barely face my kitchen. Take out and freezer food became my best friends, especially as I worked overtime at work, trying to catch up. And yesterday, I was finally ready to get back to my kitchen and cook. I started chopping shallots to prepare this old favorite of mine, and fell back into a rhythm of relaxed cooking that I haven't felt in a while. And as I finished off the dish, I suddenly remembered that this is one of the reasons I started my blog. I first made these snow peas about two years ago. Maybe two and a half. I don't remember. What … [Read more...]

Two Colored Squash with Shallots and Herbs


So it turns out this Overtime Cook idea is harder than it sounds. Does it sound hard? It's harder. I get home at about 7:30 pm on a good night. By the time I cook and eat supper and start my baking, it's late. I finish at a ridiculous hour, then try to photograph my food, clean up, shower and get a few minutes of sleep before I wake up at 6:30 the next morning for another round of this. Whew. Just typing my schedule is getting me tired. Time for another super easy recipe, don't you think? Let's talk squash. Zucchini, to be precise. I'm pretty sure zucchini is my all time favorite vegetable. I love it's versatility; one vegetable can turn into a delicious side dish off the … [Read more...]