Roasted Green Beans with Onion Garlic

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Roasted Green Beans are a delicious side dish that's perfect for someone who's eating healthy! You know how I said in my last post that I find myself eating lots of the same foods, turning to old favorites, and keeping my food under my new diet pretty simple? Well then I started to think to myself...maybe some of these old favorites are simple, but who's to say y'all wouldn't enjoy some of these recipes? Well I took an informal poll on Instagram and Facebook, asking if you folks were interested in the recipe for these roasted green beans. Turns out, lots of you wanted it! So tonight I am sharing one of my favorite veggie recipes. And by that I mean, this is how my mother always … [Read more...]

Wild Rice Pilaf

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Wild rice pilaf is a healthy and flavorful side dish that's really easy to make! Whew. Last day of chanukah. It's been awesome, but I, for one, have had my share of fried foods. And parties. And fattening food. I'm ready for some real food. Some healthy food. Are you? Well if you're looking for something healthier, I've got a delicious new rice dish to share with you. It's kind of Thanksgiving themed, so I meant to share it last week. Then I got super busy with other posts, and totally didn't have a chance. But truthfully, is there ever a bad time for a delicious and healthy side dish? I didn't think so either! So try this...after that last bite of doughut! Wild Rice Pilaf By … [Read more...]

Top Ten Healthy Veggie Dishes

top 10 favorite Veggetable Dishes on overtime cook

  I don't know about all of you, but after nearly a month of holidays and delicious food, I am *so* ready for some healthy eating! My best diet tip is to fill up on lots of delicious veggies - it makes you totally not miss the fattening and unhealthy stuff! I figured some of you could probably use some great veggie ideas, right? Well, here are my top 10 favorite vegetable ideas! Click around, enjoy, and stay healthy! Spicy Baked Zucchini Sticks: These spicy baked zucchini sticks are the among the most popular recipes on my blog (second only to my Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes) and for a very good reason. Sure, these zucchini sticks are delicious. And yeah, they're easy to make. And of … [Read more...]

Apple and Cabbage Rice

Apple and Cabbage Rice 2

Can we talk about how apples are starting to show up in grocery stores again? I don't think anyone here is more excited about it than I am. I know I have mentioned this before, but I really love apples. I've got some sweet apple recipes on this blog, but did you know apples make a fabulous savory ingredient too? This rice is totally going to prove that. It's my new favorite. Speaking of favorite recipes, this one is totally easy. And simple. It's perfect for Rosh Hashanah next week, or really for any time you want a great side dish. Who's up for a great serving suggestion? This rice would be perfect stuffed into (and under) a whole chicken and roasted. Or just served alongside some chicken. … [Read more...]

Two Tone Stuffed Potato Cups

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Raise your hand if you need another potato dish this Passover? You too? I knew it wasn't just me. I mean, there is such a ridiculous amount of potatoes floating around come Passover. And if your family is anything like mine, they're groaning at the thought of more potatoes. My trick? Change things up a little. Roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, fried potatoes...they only get you so far. So if you're in need of a new idea, I've got one for you. But first, let me explain about Passover recipe testing and the measures of success. There's a point, I promise. Some of you might disagree, but overall I think we can pretty much agree that there's a whole different bar for Passover food. What might … [Read more...]

Savory Sauteed Sweet-Peas

Savory Sauteed Sweet Peas 1

I first made this dish about a year ago. I know that, because it was right around the start of this blog. It was supposed to make it onto the blog, but somehow that didn't happen. I even photographed it. It's a shame that I deleted those pictures, because it would be fun to show you how my photography has changed over the years. Anyway, let's talk peas. Whenever I see that cliqued up picture of a dinner plate with the heap of super boring peas on the side, I get kind of sad. Peas have such a negative, or at very least boring reputation. But they don't have to be either of those! I've come up with a number of fun ways to cook peas, but this one is by far my favorite. It's super easy to whip … [Read more...]

Sweet Lemon Lukshen (Noodle) Kugel


I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to describe a kugel to my non-Jewish readers. I know I am not the only one. I guess Kugel is one of those quintessential  Jewish foods that have slowly seeped into the non-Jewish culinary world, but not nearly enough. A kugel is generally a side dish of sorts. It can be sweet or savory, and served with almost any meal. In some observant Jewish houses, (such as mine!) it doesn't feel like Shabbos (Sabbath) without potato kugel (a casserole of sorts, featuring finely ground potatoes). In many cases, especially for a holiday like Rosh Hashanah, where the tradition is to eat sweet foods, a sweet kugel is a great accompaniment to a meal. For my Jewish … [Read more...]