18 (Delicious!) Things To Do With Potatoes This Passover

Hey folks, I have some more awesome passover recipes to share with you, but first I wanted to help you out if you’re looking for potato dishes to make for passover! I found some super delicious ideas from all over the web. Some need minor adaptations, some work as is, depending on your customs. Adjust accordingly. (Note that any recipe not on my site wasn’t actually tested by me, so I can’t guarantee it. They all look fabulous though!

18 Things to do with Potatoes for Passover via Overtime Cook

1) Garlic and Shallot Topped Smashed Potatoes

2 ) Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

3) Two Tone Stuffed Potato Cups

4) Mini Potato and Zucchini Kugels (use potato starch instead of flour)

5) Spicy Oven Fries

6) Perfect Potato Kugel

7) Potato Galette  (sub the butter and duck fat for oil, shmaltz, margarine etc.)

8) Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes

9) Rainbow Roasted Potato Salad (omit vegetables that aren’t acceptable)

10) Potato Latkes

11) Crispy Potato Roast

12) Basil Potato Salad

13) Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup

14) Mashed Potatoes (Dairy Free)

15) Sweet Potato Home Fries

16) Hasselback Potatoes

17) Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

18) Spanish Potato Omlette


Check out all of these delicious recipes, then come back soon for passover dessert! -Miriam


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    Love love! I was excited about this post even before I clicked through and saw that you included my potato kugel. :) This is a great collection that I will definitely be referencing during the year, too.

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