Homemade Potato Knishes


Are you one of those people who thinks making homemade potato knishes from scratch is difficult?

I used to think so. Then I made them. And I realized it’s a lot easier than I imagined.

I guest posted the recipe and some instructional photos on The Spiffy Cookie. Check it out here.

Click here for the recipe.



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    I visited The Spiffy Cookie. Your knishes look wonderful and sound delicious. I’ve never had one but you do make them look easy to do so one day and I may just make some of my own. Probably before I ever get a chance to visit New York and try one :)

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      Hi Tali,

      I can’t wait to hear how you like them! I’m surprised you had extra filling- the original recipe called for 8 potatoes and I wound up making an extra batch of dough because I had so much extra filling so I scaled it down.

      You can try adding some extra egg and flour to make “doughless” knishes. Bake it either in balls or in a loaf pan.

      Let me know how it comes out!

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        Well. The good news is that we loved the knishes, and I put a nice bunch in the freezer for another time. (I cut a 1/4 stick of butter, by the way, and they were none the worse for it.)

        The bad news is that I tried making latkes out of the leftover filling (didn’t add anything) and they really didn’t work. I still have a bit of filling left, so I’ll try your suggestion before the end of the week. :)


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